Product and vendor info
Soils and Fertilizers
      - Coast of Maine— — Helpful series of videos about the Coast of Maine organically approved plant food and compost-based soils—including their new Bumper Crop Organic Soil Amendment. Coast of Maine is our favorite choice in bagged soil; the Enriching Mulch is our top seller, with its rich, dark color that’s perfect for perennial gardens.
      - Fox Farm— —For Farm Big Bloom and Big Grow are organic liquid fertilizers that encourage robust growth for a variety of indoor- and outdoor foliage and flowering plants.
      - Espoma— —We love Espoma products and their mission statement: “Develop the finest, most effective natural and organic products that work in harmony with nature to grow beautiful lawns and gardens, preserve natural resources, and make a safer work for future generations.”
      - Neptune’s Harvest— —Neptune’s Harvest organic fertilizer gets made from fresh-caught North Atlantic fish right on the docks of Glouster, MA. This is an excellent fertilizer for outdoor edible gardens.
      - Bumper Crop— —Bumper Crop fertlizers are formulated to enhance nutrient availability and healthy root systems. Try the All Purpose Food, or a more specific blend, such as Tomato and Vegetable or Rhody, Azalea, and Holly. 

Pest Control
      - Anti-Pest-O—
      - Neem Oil—
      - Safer (End All, etc.)—
      - Monterey B.t.—
      - Deer Defeat—
      - Plantskydd—

All of our seed vendors have taken the “Safe Seed Pledge.”
      - Botanical Interests—
      - Hudson Valley Seed Library—
      - Livingston—
      - Renee’s Garden—

Plant and Deer Information:
Summer Hill Nursery in Connecticut, one of our favorite nursery suppliers, has some great articles and plant information:

      - “A Few Thoughts About Deer”
      - “Native Plants Grown at Summer Hill Nursery” (pdf)
      - “Plants for Wet Areas”
      - “Plants for Sandy-Dry Areas”
      - “Bamboo” (pdf)
Good resources from another great nursery supplier, The Perennial Farm:

      - “Growing for You”
      - “What’s Native”
      - “Treadwell Plants” (For stone walls, ground covers, walkways, or rock gardens)